5 April 2019

Benefits of iberian porc in dogs’ diets

Feeding our dogs with Iberian pork provides countless benefits to health and wellbeing, as well as delighting their palate with its irresistible aroma and flavour. Iberian pork is a tasty, tender meat which also has great nutritional value. It is an excellent meat for a hypoallergenic, healthy and natural diet.

The way in which the pig is farmed greatly affects the subsequent quality of the meat.

Iberian pork is characterised by being mainly farmed in the region of Andalusia and Extremadura, where conditions are ideal for free-range farming and fattening.

Free-range farming, as well as food based on grass and acorns from the pastures, gives the animal strong, well-developed muscles, giving the meat very special characteristics. This phenomenon is called fattening and occurs during the months from October to March, coinciding with the acorn ripening period.

Depending on the category of the Iberian pig, we will have pork from one or two fattening seasons. Pigs which have undergone two seasons live up to 24 months and have meat with a very high nutritional value.

Unlike the Iberian pig, the white pig is farmed with barely any exercise and with animal feed as its only food. Its average lifespan is approximately 6-8 months.

The food, the farming conditions (intensive farming without space for the white pig, and the outdoors for the Iberian pig), and the fattening times lead to two completely different types of meat.
Iberian pork is notable for being very rich in essential macro and micronutrients. Its great nutritional richness, based on proteins of a high biological value, healthy fats, B vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc and phosphorus, provide a large number of benefits to dogs which consume it.
Easy and quick digestion: Its high protein content of up to 25-30%, allow the food to move to the intestine quickly, being in the stomach for a short time and reducing the risk of strain and dilation.
Strong muscles and joints: The high essential amino acid and chondroprotective content help to strengthen the muscular system and protect joints.
Immune system and allergies: The quality of Iberian pork, its easy digestion and low or zero capacity for causing allergies make it an ideal meat for feeding dogs with digestive sensitivity.
Controlled cholesterol: Its monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid content helps to balance levels of cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.
Rich in omega 3: The fats which infiltrate the muscles of free-range pigs (also called veins), are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help to:
  • Keep skin supple and fur glossy.
  • Prevent joint problems.
  • Combat free radicals through its antioxidant effect.
General health: Iberian pork offers the diet a large number of B vitamins and a high content of minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, which help to maintain good form and optimal vital tone.
Once exposed to all characteristics and main benefits that Iberian pork offers the diet, in addition to its irresistible aroma and flavour, it is understandable that Iberian pork is the best choice for feeding our dogs, ensuring that we are providing a healthy, natural diet, full of vitality.

At Natura diet we know this and therefore use it in some of our products.