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El concepto PROTECT hace referencia a la protección del instinto de perros y gatos, a su evolución y a su propia condición de seres vivos en convivencia con el hombre. DINGOANTURA está concienciada contra el maltrato animal y apoya activamente iniciativas de ayuda a los animales más desfavorecidos.

CSR Commitment

Since it was founded in 2001, Dingonatura has maintained its high level of commitment to the people who work or collaborate with the company, to society, to the environment and to the quality of its products. Over these 20 years, various Dingonatura projects have demonstrated this responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dingonatura's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Plan is the company's voluntary contribution to a better society and a protected environment. It represents its commitment to continue striving to improve, to go beyond compliance with legal obligations and to continue investing in human capital, in the environment, in relations with stakeholders, and in the innovation and continuous improvement of its products.

This commitment takes the form of collaborations with different non-profit associations and the commitment to continue implementing new measures to promote sustainability. For this reason, Dingonatura is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), an NGO that works for sustainability in the pet care sector.

Sustainability priorities

At Dingonatura we are always committed to implementing new measures to accelerate the neutrality of the environmental footprint of our operations, while having a positive impact on the products we sell.

Quality and sustainability must go hand in hand if we want to bring health to our pets through a healthy, natural, responsible and eco-friendly food.”

At Dingonatura we not only want to achieve carbon neutrality and fight climate change, but we also include nutritional care and human resources as part of our sustainable development objectives. With this global vision, at Dingonatura we are and will continue to be committed to ACT for an increasingly sustainable future.

Dingonatura Foundation, never again without them

The Dingonatura Foundation fulfils its commitment by continuing to implement new measures
to promote sustainability and by collaborating with the following non-profit associations:

Shared footprints association

We are sponsors of "Fils Trencats", a social short film by the production company Films en Off in collaboration with the association Huellas Compartidas (Shared Footprints); a project that fits perfectly with the values of our company and that also gives visibility to the loneliness and mistreatment suffered by some elderly people and how a dog can be a faithful companion and help in their emotional recovery.

Animals and society chair (urjc): "coloured footprints”

Dingonatura sponsors the Huellas de Colores (Coloured Footprints) initiative, a dog-assisted therapy programme for children and adolescents in the ICU, which is promoted by the URJC's Institutional Animal and Society Research Chair, the first of its kind in Spain. The project has been set up in agreement with the 12 de Octubre Hospital.

Dogs and Letters: r.e.a.d. programme

Dingonatura collaborates with the association Perros y Letras (Dogs and Letters), which helps children with reading problems using therapy dogs.
The association Perros y Letras is part of the international programme R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs), which works to improve the reading and communication skills of children, thanks to its innovative method, in which the child reads for a dog, and its success lies in the emotional connection that is established between the two.


Dingonatura collaborates with the non-profit association Pets Aid, promoted by the Clínica Európolis Veterinaria and a group of supportive veterinarians, focused on the health and welfare of pets - mainly dogs and cats, as they are the species most affected by abandonment.


Dingonatura sponsors the NGO of catastrophe rescue dogs, K9 from Creixell, whose president, Pedro Frutos, has been working and training specialists and their dogs for 23 years to help in earthquakes and other catastrophes, as well as in the search for missing people.


We collaborate with Hoope, a non-profit association, which has been working for more than 10 years helping the most disadvantaged animals, not only through the shelter in Torrejón de Ardoz, which they manage, but also through the Foundation they own, a pioneering centre of 65,000 m², where, in addition to dogs and cats, they keep donkeys, horses, chickens and other animals saved from certain death.
In addition, Hoope carries out projects to help people at risk of social exclusion through actions and activities related to animals and the environment.