26 April 2018

What to do in case of injuries?

The arrival of the good weather encourages you to spend more time outside, go for a walk or excursion in the countryside, and explore new territories or games in the park.

These activities enrich the lives of our pets and allow them to develop correct behavior, but they can pose a greater risk of injury, either by friction, accidents or bites of other animals.

Hence the reason we would like to offer you a series of tips in case such injuries take place:

  • Every night, take a moment of tranquility and cuddles to check the skin of your furry friend in search of anything not visible to the naked eye (without forgetting the ears, a frequent hiding place for spikes).


  • In the event of finding a wound it is very important to rule out it being a bite. Sometimes, very small bite wounds hide under the skin serious injuries that can easily become infected and deep, which can pose a very serious problem in few days.


  • If you suspect the existence of a serious wound or bite (if it is the latter, it does not matter the size, as they tend to get infected and cause quite a lot of problems), it is necessary to consult with your veterinarian, since only a professional knows the magnitude of this type of injuries. 
  • As soon as we find an injury we must:


  1. Wash our hands before touching the area.


  1. Clean the wound with warm water and soap (better with sterile gauzes instead of cotton to avoid leaving strands that may be attached to the tissue).


  1. Next, clean it with an antiseptic solution (such as chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine) ALWAYS DILUTED so as not to irritate the area and with a gauze.

If someone can help you hold the head of your pet, all the better, because this cleaning can generate fear or pain and, without the intention of hurting us, they can try to bite us to defend themselves.


  1. After disinfection, apply some ointment that helps in the healing process, specific to animals (since some substances used in humans can be toxic to them). We like to recommend Skin Care  because it is made from natural substances that help to heal wounds on skin and pads, without hurting our friends in case of ingestion.


  • And, finally, remember to watch the wound daily, to assess the need for future cures and see how it evolves. If you notice that the area is swollen or red, there is pus or some secretion in the scar, the animal licks it frequently or it does not get better in a couple of days, it is important that you take your pet to your veterinarian for its correct assessment.