26 April 2018

Skin Care

The good weather begins, time of long walks, outdoor games, races and excursions, which allow us to enjoy our dog even more.

However, sometimes these outings can be accompanied by wounds, scratches and burns on the plantar pads.

Dingonatura, in its eagerness to help you with your pet on a daily basis, commercializes a star product for the skincare of dogs and cats: Skin Care by Platinum. It is a natural product based on beeswax, cold pressed olive oil and extracts of herbs such as rosemary, browallia and citronella. In addition, it does not contain alcohol, parabens or mineral oils, in line with our concept of what is natural in all our products.

Its texture facilitates its application and rapid absorption, although we recommend you prevent your pet from licking the area for at least 5 minutes (to ensure penetration and the beneficial action of the product).

Given its composition, Skin Care is ideal for all types of irritations and redness on the skin and pads, as well as for the complementary treatment of skin and wound infections (in these last two situations, the supervision of a veterinary is advisable).

That’s why we recommend having it always at hand for your getaways with your dog to the countryside or the mountain (especially useful in the snow), when you decide to practice some activity (such as canicross, agility, freesbee or bikejoring), to protect their pads from friction or burns from cold or heat and, of course, available in your first-aid kit, for using it in any injure we may find.

More information about Skin Care.