21 March 2018

Protein biological value

The biological value of a protein indicates how complete and useful that protein is for our dog or cat, since it refers to its ability to satisfy their amino acid needs.

A protein is made up of several amino acids linked together. They are like the bricks that build a building that, once finished, will serve to fulfill a specific function.

In food we find essential amino acids (which are diet-based, because the body cannot produce them) and non-essential amino acids (which can be produced from the essential ones). Proteins with a high biological value are those that have the suitable amount of all the essential amino acids for the organism.
For example:
Egg protein has a biological value of 1 (maximum value); while meat protein has a value of 0.75-0.8 (this means that the protein present in the egg is more useful for the body of our pet).

The biological value of a protein can vary according to the animal species, since the essential amino acids are not exactly the same for dogs and for cats (or humans). Dingonatura takes all this into account when selecting the protein ingredients that are included in our recipes.

If you want more information about other parameters that indicate the quality and nutritional effectiveness of an ingredient, check our articles about digestibility and bioavailability.