31 January 2018

How to compare recipes with different moisture?

When assessing the levels of a given nutrient of two products, before deciding between one or the other, always look at the percentage of moisture in the labeling.

If that humidity does not match, it is necessary that you make a small calculation to be able to choose, since you will not be able to compare directly the values of protein, fat, fiber or ashes.

For example, if you were to compare Mhims Chicken and Vegetableswith Natura Diet Daily food in order to assess which one contains more crude protein, you should: 

1-. Calculate the dry matter (DM) for both, using the moisture value of the labeling:

Mhims Chicken and Vegetables: 100%-77%=23% (DM)

Natura Diet Daily Food: 100%-10%=90% (DM)

2-. Calculate the percentage of crude protein based on the DM, using the crude protein value of the labeling (dividing by its DM and multiplying by 100):

Mhims Chicken and Vegetables: (7/23)*100=30,43% crude protein (in DM)

Natura Diet Daily Food: (26/90)*100=28,88 % crude protein (in DM)

Conclusion: The wet food Mhims Chicken and Vegetables has more crude protein than the dry food Natura Diet Daily Food (to know the other values, you just have to repeat the calculation taking the percentages of crude fat, crude fiber and gross ashes).