1 February 2018

Growth curve

According to the breed, adult dogs have a weight variation that can oscillate greatly, thus finding dogs as small as a Chihuahua, or as large as a Spanish Mastiff.

This difference between races influences their growth, because each dog can be growing for more or less months (reaching their final size between the ages of 8 and 24 months old). In the case of mongrel dogs, having parents of different race, their final size is difficult to predict.

The growth curve shows us the average speed of growth of the dog, based on their age and the estimated adult weight. It is an estimate that groups races by size and, therefore, inevitably, there will be differences in the growth rate within races of very similar sizes, as well as between sexes.

In our table for the Natura diet feeding program we have adapted the curve to help you understand it better. You will see that it indicates, for the different dog sizes, the average weight gain (which will increase until it reaches the plateau and stabilizes, coinciding with adulthood), as well as our dietary recommendation for each stage.

If you want to know our recommendation for another selection, different from Natura diet, go to the recipe in which you are interested or ask us directly.

Remember that growth curves for each race/size are meant to indicate individualized nutritional and energy requirements, being of special importance in large and giant puppies. Uncontrolled growth or overweight in puppies of large breeds can contribute to hip dysplasia (hereditary disease), hence the importance of controlling the energy sources present in the food for this type of puppies.

It is also important to know that if a balanced food is being provided, it is not advisable to supplement with minerals during the puppy’s growth. An excess of minerals can cause growth problems.

If you have any questions about how to feed your puppy, take a moment to read our pieces of advice.

If you want information on how to feed senior dogs or gestating and breastfeeding females, we also have a short summary for you.