22 January 2024

Presenting the new version of our senior dog food +7 MINI

+7 mini

Broadening our range of products with the new version dog food for dogs over 7 years old, created specifically for small-size animals.

From Dingonatura we’re launching Natura Diet +7 MINI, with a new recipe added to the existing range of +7 dogs. This product has been created specifically for small-size breeds, condensing all essential nutrients into smaller size portions to ensure a balanced diet. This product comes in two different sizes: the 3 kg and 500 grams formats.

Same taste and quality, now available in a smaller size

The new version of food for senior dogs shares the same recipe with the existing product for bigger dogs, now available on kibble format to meet the particular needs of small-size breeds.

The recipe for Natura Diet +7 MINI adapts to the biological needs of senior dogs who, little by little, start to the standard progressive deterioration of old age. At this stage, the diet must help improve their quality of life and maintain an appropriate weight, thus Natural Diet recipe brings a rich variety of beneficial fat and protein sources that will bring essential nutrients and avoid any unnecessary excesses.

A product that cares for the health and well-being of senior animals

From Dingonatura we’re committed to the health of animals and we work every day to launch into the market the animal food that’s most suitable to meet the dietary needs of cats and dogs. The foundations of a healthy diet rest on the quality of foods, which is why we use strictly natural ingredients of known, tested and verified quality and origin.