19 September 2023

Presenting the new 8 Kg format of Natura Diet for Sterilized Cats

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We’re widening our range of cat food with this big-size format to help cat owners maintain the health of their sterilised cats, helping them watch their weight with the best ingredients.

From Dingonatura we’re launching Natura Diet Sterilized Chicken in a new 8 kilo format. This food’s recipe is specifically formulated for sterilized cats, who are more prone to gain weight, since this new brand of natural food meets the nutritional requirements of felines while also caring for their health. This new 8 kilo format joins the 400gr., 1,5kg. and 3 kilo formats to make it easier for cat owners to aid the health of their cats after sterilisation.

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A recipe to take care of the health of cats without neglecting taste or quality

Natura Diet Sterilized Cats is made with natural, low-calorie and fibre-rich ingredients and provides a tasty and healthy food while keeping cats in good shape and avoiding weight-gain after sterilisation. This recipe also protects the urinary and digestive systems while helping regulate stress and emotional well-being, thanks to its high digestibility and low-calorie intake. Its B.A.R.P. Recipe (Biologically Adapted Raw Profile) covers the cat’s nutritional requirements by protecting its carnivorous instincts with ingredients that maintain the nutritional profile of raw foods that provide amino acids and fatty acids, maintaining a diet biologically adapted to cats. This product is result of our commitment to animal health, that cares for felines while feeding its nature.

We care for the health of animals

From Dingonatura we are committed to the health of animals and we work every day to bring the best food for the specific needs of cats and dogs. We believe the basis for a good diet lies in the quality of products, which is why we use only natural ingredients whose origin and quality are known, analysed and tested.