30 April 2021

Dingonatura reveals its sustainability priorities

The natural food company maintains its commitment to neutralise the environmental footprint of its operations, as well as increasing the positive impact of its products.

DINGONATURA, an international natural food company for dogs and cats, was a pioneer in natural recipes, always faithful to its brand identity values of Protect, Respect & Be Natural, which refer to its deep respect for animals, people and the environment.


Under these values, Dingonatura works actively to promote a sustainable development in nutrition, health and caring for the environment.


“Quality and sustainability must go hand in hand if we want to offer our pets health through food which is healthy, natural, responsible and environmentally committed.”


Dingonatura products are cooked with ingredients from ECO-responsible sources through the responsible, certified selection of ingredients which guarantees the preservation of different ecosystems:

  • Controlled fishing. Use of raw materials with the Friend of the Sea environmental and social sustainability certification which validates our marine products coming only from controlled and sustainable fishing.
  • 0 km ingredients: Use of local sources of raw materials to avoid transport over long distances, which may increase the CO2 footprint.

Thanks to the manufacturing and transport of products using sustainable energy sources, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), the carbon footprint is minimised. In turn, the slow-cooking process at a low temperature also helps to minimise the CO2 footprint generated.



  • 27% reduction of recycling costs, thanks to the incorporation of a plastic compactor and increased use of 100% recycled cardboard.
  • Use of pallets thanks to “inverse logistics”. This action consists of clients returning pallets so they may be reused.
  • Reduction of the quantity of plastic per package.
  • Replacement of plastic with recycled cardboard and paper to protect products during transport.
  • Use of shrink film with a different mixture to use less material.
  • ZERO PAPER action. Elimination of the use of paper in offices.
  • Use of thermal labels for boxes (printing by heat instead of ink).



Dingonatura promotes packaging which maintains or even improves the properties of products to extend their lifespan, and which is also easily recyclable. It is therefore necessary to seek mono-material alternatives which contribute to a circular economy.

At Dingonatura, 100% recyclable mono-material packaging is used for most of its products.

  • Packaging FSC certified against deforestation. Packaging made with materials which belong to controlled felling forests certified by the FSC (a global non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide).
  • Recyclable packaging certified by Ecoembes. Dingonatura is a company affiliated with Ecoembes (an environmental organisation which promotes sustainability and care for the environment through recycling).



  • Change of material in the production of Natura vet and Natura diet measuring cups, previously made from plastic, and now made from 100% recycled cardboard.

  • Use of certified paper produced with virgin cellulose fibre from residue of sustainable forests with FSC certification, which in addition to being recyclable also make them compostable.
  • Metal displays have been updated in terms of sustainability, using wood instead, currently seen in Natura vet and Dr. Dingo displays.
  • Commitment to reduced printing with digitised catalogues via QR codes.



Dingonatura is a proud accredited member of the PSC – Pet Sustainability Coalition, which supports its members to measure its operations and propel forward the sustainable development goals. These are not limited to achieving carbon neutrality and combat climate change, but also nutritional attention and human resources. With this global vision, Dingonatura is and will continue to be committed to TAKING ACTION for an increasingly sustainable future.