17 October 2017

Dingo is Renewed and Reinforced

Keeping up with the constant innovation characterizing our brand, Dingo has renewed the image of its packaging, which is now more attractive and have more accurate information about the characteristics of each product. Moreover, the appearance is more natural and sustainable, as is appropriate given the brand’s values.

Moreover, our range of products is reinforced with two new varieties:

DINGO Lamb & Daily, with lamb, y DINGO Fish & Daily, with fish.

Both products include high biological-value protein, that is to say, proteins containing high levels of essential amino acids. This type of amino acids must necessarily be provided in the daily diet, since the dog’s organism is not able to synthesize them. The biological value of the protein indicates the quality of the protein. Dingonatura elaborates its recipes with very high biological value proteins and it is very exigent with the providers of these ingredients.

Dingo Lamb & Daily contains protein from New Zealand lambs living in great extensions of pastures where they feed solely on fresh grass, free of pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. They are hormone and antibiotic-free animals.

It is also rich in group B vitamins (above all vitamins B12 and B6) and minerals such as iron, phosphor and zinc.

Dingo Fish & Daily incorporates fish coming from the cold waters of the north of Europe, preserved in cold and processed at low temperature. This ingredient has an excellent nutritional value due to the high biological value of its protein and the wide variety of vitamins and minerals it contains (vitamins A and D, phosphor, magnesium, selenium, and iodine). Dingonatura selects the providers having their companies next to the fish breeding area in order to ensure utmost freshness.

Moreover, both products include pork meat, with advantages such as moderate fat content and minerals and vitamin input, for instance thiamine, essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates.

The magistral combination of these ingredients, along with others that are usual in all of our recipes, results in high digestibility foods. Being easy to digest, they save on work for the animal’s digestive tract, which translates in a better digestive health and a higher wellness and relaxation sensation for the dog.

These recipes are to be recommended for adult dogs regardless of their race and size.

 More information: Dingo Lamb & Daily and Dingo Fish & Daily