12 April 2018

Cats will also enjoy our food!

Dingonatura was born with the purpose of improving our pets’ health and well-being through their diet. We are experts in the nutritional needs of dogs, being pioneers in the natural concept of feeding, although we were also concerned about cats, animals as enigmatic as they are demanding. It was a big challenge, but we put all hands on deck to offer our best recipes, just like we do with dogs.

We know what their weak points are that, by nature, they drink little water and have a tendency to create urinary stones. For that reason, it is important to offer them wet foods that provide them with the water they find hard to consume, which dry food does not provide, in order to help control that predisposition to urolithiasis.

That’s why we started thinking of moist, appetizing and healthy recipes for such gourmets. We chose the texture of mousse with real pieces, we presented it in a tub format, and we cooked 8 different recipes, all of them grain free, for adults and kittens. The result is our new variety, the newest natural wet food from Dingonatura, specially designed for the demanding palates of domestic felines.

Of course, under the umbrella of Dingonatura microactive nutrition and the essence of the Brand you will find natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial colors, and without transgenic or trans fat. Our recipes are simmered (cooked at less temperature for longer), like in traditional dishes, to keep the properties of the nutrients that are reactive to heat. Also, ingredients that require it, are added cold after cooking. In this way, we manage to offer the best natural foods for cats.

The image that accompanies these recipes is of a traditional cuisine, showing in a vintage way the ingredients that each food carries.

Do not deprive your cat of this delicious and healthy pleasure, try the new Mhims Cat from Dingonatura!