5 Mai 2016

Dingonatura displays exciting, new website!

We have started to make great improvements to the image of our different brands. We don’t want to be left behind so we are working hard to offer the user a pleasing online experience with information about the different brands of Dingonatura, shop location maps, interactive blog and many more surprises.

The renovation process doesn’t stop there, you can now see our new corporate video created just for you, so you can see firsthand how our recipes are produced and cooked, and where they come from.

With our new website we will promote all clients who sell their product in their shop as well as on the website by adding them to our shop localizer so that customers will be able to find them easily.

The new website will be dynamic and full of interesting content for cat and dog owners. Clients who sell their products in their shops or online will be able to take advantage of these incredible facilities by sending an email to info@dingonatura.com with their details and information so as to appear on the new website. These clients will be pleasantly rewarded with a little gift courtesy of us!