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The three values that DINGONATURA holds are essential to produce top quality food.

1. Health through nutrition

We believe that the concept “you are what you eat” also applies to our animals. We are very proud to see how pets fed with our brands live longer, grow healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. We consider animal’s daily diet as the main source of disease prevention.

2. Technology at our pet's service

We have developed our own and unique manufacturing process to prepare recipes whose composition content has high levels of animal protein, fat and low levels of carbohydrate, and also to guarantee high levels of digestibility of every ingredient used, as well as high rates of nutrient assimilation.
Our formulations and line processes are developed by renowned professionals and are subject to continuous improving processes. This allows us to have fast and constant improvements in all of our products.

3. People working for people

We know very good what it is to share life with someone you love. In DINGONATURA we feel the satisfaction of being able to offer a balanced and complete food, which is adapted to your pet's nutritional needs. We share the feeling of happiness to see the pet enjoying while eating, and we are constantly seeking the best for its optimal development. That is why we identify with other owners, because there is no greater pleasure than to see and feel that your pet is well and feels good.

"We are convinced that
those who eat well, live better"


We prepare our recipes only with natural ingredients whose origin and quality are perfectly known, and that are previously analysed and certified by external laboratories to ensure absolute reliability. This is how we understand food production for pets.

Our brands

  • Natura diet
  • Wild instinct
  • snacks
  • Dingo
  • Mhims
  • Moments
  • Bocados
  • Healsty
  • Healsty Plus
  • Dingonatura
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