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“RESPECT”refers to the profound respect Dingonatura has for nature and for the planet. This is something that drives all our decisions, always leading towards sustainability, which has long-term benefits for us and our animals.

Quality and sustainability must go hand in hand if we want to provide a healthy natural diet to our pets that stays committed to the environment.

We are members of the coalition PSC (Pet Sustainability Coalition) with the purpose of establishing a support plan and continuous improvement in favor of sustainability in all its aspects, from training and awareness to our team, to the development of the most exquisite recipes.

We are the first and only Spanish company adhering to the responsibility of being an example and pushing the European Petfood industry to become aware and awaken towards such an important mission.

We develop three working blocks to build a sustainable company
Ingredients from ECO-responsible sources

One of our priorities is the responsible and certified selection of our ingredients, guaranteeing the preservation of the different ecosystems in three areas:

Controlled fishing

We have different international organizations (Friend of the sea, ISSF) that certify that our marine ingredients come only from controlled and sustainable fishing.

Ecological cultivation

Some of our ingredients, in addition to being 100% natural, come from crops certified Organic and Ecological.

Local produce

We use sources of local produce to ensure freshness and avoid contamination caused by long commutes to manufacturing sites.

CO2 footprint control

The carbon footprint is something that worries us. In the manufacture and transport of our products we try to minimize the generation of greenhouse gases, to contribute to a cleaner atmosphere. We address two areas:

Clean energy

We use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as our energy source to cook our recipes, which is the most sustainable source of energy that exists.

Simmering process

Our food is cooked slowly, steamed at low temperatures, which minimizes the carbon footprint generated.

ECO-sustainable packaging

We are aware that we put thousands of containers into circulation every day with our recipes. Our responsibility and commitment covers from the way they are generated, to their recycling once used:

Certified containers against deforestation

The materials used are internationally certified as coming from controlled felling forests.

Recyclable packaging certified by Ecoembes

Dingonatura is a company adhering to Ecoembes (environmental organization that promotes sustainability and environmental care through recycling). Our work in this area is based on economically compensating the expense generated by recycling our containers and thus contributing to all of them being sustainable once used.

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