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”PROTECT” refers to the protection of the instinct of dogs and cats, their evolution and their own condition as living beings in coexistence with humans. DINGONATURA is aware of animal abuse and actively supports initiatives that help the most disadvantaged animals.

Dingonatura works to PROTECT the primary instincts of our pets.

The name of the brand has the word Dingoembedded in it, because it is our objective to keep an eye on the wild ancestor, without losing sight of its subsequent adaptation and domestication.Our recipes are cooked with cutting-edge technology, in constant innovation, but taking into account the nutritional needs of their ancestral instincts.

We seek the satisfaction and well-being of our pets through food and nature.

We defend their dignity and promote, through our actions and advice, a treatment tailored totheir needs, dissociating it from our interests or preferences.

For being what they are, our best friends deserve a dignified treatment without humanizing their animal idiosyncrasies.

Dingonatura fights to protect the most disadvantaged and demonstrates and exerts strongly against animal abuse.

Dingonatura is part of the prestigious Peta international list that certifies the non-experimentation with animals.

Our company is certified by both the international association, Peta global, and by its European subsidiary, Peta UK. We are proud!

Dingonatura collaborates with different entities and shelters so that they can feed their dogs and cats with quality food. Among them is the Hoope shelter, with which we have established a collaboration agreement as of 2019.

Thanks to our little bit, many of them can be fed and get welfare and health, despite their disadvantaged situation.

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