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Be Natural


Being natural is a philosophy of life that encompasses many aspects. Dingonatura was born with the purpose of being natural and in order to make available to our pets what we do best: cooking for them, naturally!

We elaborate daring, unabashedauteur cuisine, with firm convictions. We were visionaries of a wish come true: natural food for pets. A living concept in constant evolution, anchored to an immovable reference: the wolf.

What is our natural food concept?

What is our natural food concept?
As defined by the dictionary, "natural is that belonging to or related to nature, made truthfully and without artifice, spontaneous and without duplicity in its way of proceeding".

This is the way we are and how we were born: ambassadors of the third medicine and specialists in providing health to our pets through a natural diet.

Our holistic, eco-responsible and 100% natural recipes are biologically adapted to take care of your pet health and wellbeing thanks to what Mother Nature gives us.

Thanks to it, and in an absolutely respectful way with the environment, we elaborate natural, healthy and delicious recipes, adapted to all sizes, races and ages.

As a sample and international recognition for our work in favor of health and well-being through food, we have been awarded the best manufacturer of natural food for pets 2018 by the English magazine Global Health & Pharma, within the category Animal Health & Wellness Awards

Coming Right Up!
Coming Right Up!

“While cooking I can feel like my passion for nature, respect and technological innovation merge to provide health to our pets”.
Marc Riera, CEO.

We know what we want and we want the best. We are Top Natural Petfood.
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