Opinions of our clients

Those who put their confidence in Dingonatura products and believe, like us, that natural, healthy, and balanced food translates into life quality, raise their voice in this section, with experiences and comments about the natural foods of our brand. Many thanks for your confidence in us and for sharing your opinion with us.


“Chloe is a Bernese Mountain Dog that live with me since she was two months old. When she turned 5 months, she started to have digestive problems. We tried several brands of food (from the most expensive to some economic ones) and nothing, she always had diarrhoea. One day someone recommended the products of the Natural diet brand to me. I tried them and Chloe improved until having perfect digestions, compact deposits, and very shiny hair. Now she is 4 years old and is a very happy dog”.
Iván Cuenca


“Dana’s food is very important for me. I want to give her the best and Dingonatura has it. I am very, very happy with this brand and will always continue with it. All natural and very healthy. It is the best”.
Nuria García


“Mahler is a beautiful Golden Retriever that since trying the Natura diet puppy when he was a puppy, has not changed to another brand, because previously he used other brands which did not go well. Now Mahler is 5 years old and has different Natura diet flavours for adults, as well as the juicy Mhims, which he loves. His hair is very shiny, and he never has diarrhoea or soft excrements. Undoubtedly, a very recommendable brand”.
Maria del Carmen Badenas


“Roco is my six-year old Beagle. We could not find the correct brand for him, until a friend recommended Dingonatura and you cannot imagine how happy I am, because he loves it. After seeing the results in his hair, his teeth, and his vitality, I think it is unbeatable food. He also tried the snacks and loved them very much.
Esteban Vázquez


“Jack always had many intestinal and dermatological problems (itches and bald patches). We tried many foods, even veterinary diets, and Jack did not get better. We were told about the Dingonatura brand. We called your client attention service and they recommended a change of food to the Natura diet Lamb & Rice product. We did and, since then, the itching has stopped, he changed his hair and his deposits were normal. Incredible! Thanks, Dingonatura!”
Teya Bosch


“At the beginning of this year I discovered Natura diet and bought Natura diet +7 so that Lagun, my Labrador Retriever could try it, because they gave me very good references about it. Right from the first day Lagun was very healthy and he loved the product”.
Sergi Lopez
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