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Psittadiet daily food is a complete, balanced and extruded food for psittacines.

This food can be given exclusively or as a supplement to all species of psittacines, from medium size to large size species.

Psittadiet daily food contains all the necessary nutrients for proper nutrition. However, we can complement it with fresh assorted food (fruits, vegetables) not for its nutritional value, but for its psychic action, because it enhances the sensory development of the bird through new textures, colours, scents and flavours. These fruit or vegetable complements should in no case exceed 10 or 15% of the daily ration of Psittadiet Daily Food.

You should never provide supplements, such as vitamin-mineral supplement or any similar type, for birds that are regularly fed with Psittadiet Daily Food without consulting a vet. An excess of vitamins and minerals can be harmful to the health and welfare of the bird.

  • Formats:

    • 900 gr
    • 3 kg
    • 12 kg
  • Crude protein  15 %
  • Fats  5 %
  • Crude fibre  4.5 %
  • Crude ashes  9 %
  • Moisture  8.5 %



Composition: rice (50 %), soy (15 %), apple, dried grape and papaya (10 %), shelled sunflower seeds (6 %) (source of protein, natural oils and omega-6), peas (5 %), alfalfa (1 %) (natural source of protein, vitamins, omega-3 and antioxidants), linseed oil, yeast (0.4 %), sweet potato, egg (0.25 %), Yucca extract, calcium carbonate, citrus juice (0.2 %), mix of rosemary and tocopherols.

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