All our products are manufactured in our country with nationality raw material. We are proud of our products, and this encourages us to always go in the same direction: working and researching to try to provide the best natural diet possible for our pets. We want to demonstrate that the Mediterranean diet can perfectly apply in the pet's world.

Our objective was clear from the outset, to provide pets with quality food made from natural ingredients and as similar as possible, from a nutritional point of view, to the food their ancestors would have eaten in a natural or semi-natural state. To achieve this objective and not to fall into marketing traps, we had to design and develop our own manufacturing system with which to produce this food for our best friends.

In all our recipes Dingo Natura uses only natural ingredients from guaranteed sources and of a quality we can rely on. Our raw materials undergo analysis and testing by an independent laboratory before they are declared suitable for use. Only once their compliance with our quality, digestibility, nutritional, flavour and odour requirements has been verified, they are accepted as raw materials in our manufacturing process.

“We work for our pets to enjoy with every meal, because a high-quality natural food guarantees a healthy, complete and happy life” – Marc Riera – Managing Director of Dingonatura.

Our brands of natural food for dogs, cats and birds

  • Natura diet
  • Solidary
  • Natura diet CATS
  • Psittadiet
  • Natura vet
  • Dingo
  • Mhims
  • Moments
  • Dr.Dingo
  • Healsty
  • Healsty Plus
  • Dingonatura
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