20 years ago there were hardly any special pet foods on the market, and those that were available were of poor quality and were more like farm animal feed than food for pets that live with us and are part of the family.

This was the reason why, in 2001, a team made up of industrial engineers, vets, nutritionists and breeders, all enthusiastic to make a difference, set up DINGO NATURA and decided to go a step further creating a kind of dog food far from what was the standard then.

And so began a new way of understanding natural pet food production, using only natural ingredients whose origin and quality are well known, analysed and verified by external laboratories. From the beginning, the goal of Dingonatura was, and still is, to improve the health and welfare of our pets through nutrition.

Our philosophy is that food is the first medicine, therefore we produce natural food for pets and not pet food in large quantities. It is proven that good nutrition prevents many diseases and makes our animal live longer and enjoy a good health. We are convinced that those who eat well, live better.


We prepare our recipes only with natural ingredients whose origin and quality are perfectly known, and that are previously analysed and certified by external laboratories to ensure absolute reliability. This is how we understand food production for pets.

Our brands of natural food for dogs, cats and birds

  • Natura diet
  • Solidary
  • Natura diet CATS
  • Psittadiet
  • Natura vet
  • Dingo
  • Mhims
  • Moments
  • Dr.Dingo
  • Healsty
  • Healsty Plus
  • Dingonatura
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