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Mukautettu luonnollinen ruokavalio


Hyvä ravinto on välttämätön lemmikkieläinten terveyden ja elämänlaadun kannalta. Tasapainoinen luonnollinen ravinto, jonka ainesosat on erityisesti valittu iän, koon, liikunnan tai tiettyihin tauteihin sairastumisalttiuden mukaisesti, edesauttaa pidentämään uskollisen ystävämme ikää ja nauttimaan hänestä kauemmin.


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Wild Instinct

Dingonatura on luonnollisen ravinnon spesialisti vuodesta 2001 lähtien ja valmistaa hauduttamalla alhaisessa lämpötilassa ruokareseptejä koirille ja kissoille luonnollisista ainesosista, ilman keinotekoisia väri- tai säilöntäaineita sekä transgeenejä. Se seuraa luonnollisia ravintosisältöjä, joita eläin ja sen edeltäjät saivat luonnollisessa villissä tai puolivillissä tilassa. Dingonaturan tavoite oli ja on edelleenkin parantaa lemmikkiemme terveyttä ja hyvinvointia ravinnon avulla.

Dingonatura ¡Natural!

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  • 12-04-2018

    Cats will also enjoy our food!

    Dingonatura was born with the purpose of improving our pets’ health and well-being through their diet. We are experts in the nutritional needs of dogs, being pioneers in the natural concept of feeding, although we were also concerned about cats, animals as enigmatic as they are demanding. It was a big challenge, but we put all hands on deck to offer our best recipes, just like we do with dogs.
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  • 01-02-2018

    Overweight and obesity

    Between 20 and 40% of dogs and cats in our homes are overweight.

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  • 30-06-2016

    What is Natura diet Odontic?

    A few months ago Dingonatura launched a new and special product within the Natura diet range called Odontic. Many of you have been asking what the benefits for your dogs are, eating this product cooked with 100% natural ingredients. That is why we have listed all the qualities and characteristics of this unique product in the market; a complete dog food specially created for maintaining your dog's dental health.

    Unfortunately, many dogs suffer from the negative results of unhealthy teeth caused by inappropriate food and/or an unbalanced diet high in sugar. The majority of these dogs are small-sized breeds as they are more likely to suffer from dental problems. The bacteria produced in an unhealthy mouth can lead to dental plaque, if proper cleaning is not carried out, problems such as plaque, dental caries and bad breath can appear.

    Along with our natural recipe we have also added three ingredients which will help us to maintain our dog's mouth healthy:

    - Probiotics: They identify the germs responsible for dental plaque precisely and fight directly against it. They also cover the teeth forming a protective layer so no further germs stick to the teeth. These probiotics will little by little break down the tiny crystal formations which causes dental plaque. They also help reduce bad odours. in the mouth.

    - Essential Oils: These oils uniquely help freshen our dog's breath.

    - Chlorophyll: Helps to strengthen and stimulate de immune system, it is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant.

    Another advantage of our product is a well sized kibble shaped food, this helps to increase the duration of time spent eating it so as to penetrate its great benefits to the dogs’ mouth for a longer period of time.

    Remember that the moment you spot dental problems in your dog's mouth, such as caries or gingivitis, it is necessary to visit the vet as soon as possible to treat the problem. Typical symptoms which tell us the dog is having dental problems include: difficulty eating/biting, halitosis (bad breath), lots of dental plaque or receding gums.

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