11 May 2018

Natural Dingonatura! Sustainable Dingonatura!

Protecting our planet by creating 100% sustainable solutions in all our decisions, has long-term benefits for us and our pets.

In Dingonatura we have a very clear focus on the environmental impact of our actions. In the words of Ana Chinarro, chief executive of our company, quality and sustainability should go hand in hand if we want to provide our pets with health through a wholesome, natural, and responsible diet, also committed to the environment.

The three main pillars of Dingonatura’s actions, which are committed to the planet, are based on our sustainability logo:

Ingredients from ECO-responsible sources: One of our priorities is the responsible and certified selection of our ingredients, guaranteeing the preservation of the different ecosystems. This occurs in three fields:

  • Sustainable fishery. We have different international organizations (Friend of the sea, ISSF) that certify that our marine ingredients come only from controlled and sustainable fishing.
  • Organic farming. Some of our ingredients, besides being 100% natural, come from crops with Natural, Organic and Ecological certification.
  • Local ingredients: Our raw materials come from local produce sources, to avoid long transports to the manufacturing facilities.
  • CO2 footprint control: The carbon footprint is among our deepest concerns. The less greenhouse gases we generate the more we can enjoy a good walk breathing pure air.

How do we do it?

  • Clean energy: Our recipes are cooked with the heat generated by liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its only source of energy. LNG is the most sustainable energy source available at the moment.


  • Slow-cooking process: Our food is slowly cooked, steamed and at low temperatures, minimizing the CO2 footprint generated.


ECO-sustainable packaging:  We are very aware that every day we put thousands of containers into circulation with our recipes. Our responsibility and commitment must range from the way they are generated to their recycling once used.       

How do we do it?

  • Certified packaging against deforestation. The materials of which our packaging is made are certified at an international level as coming from forests of controlled logging.
  • Recyclable packaging Certified by Ecoembes. Dingonatura is a company adhering to Ecoembes (environmental organization that promotes sustainability and environmental care through recycling). Our task at this point consists on economically compensating the expense generated by recycling our containers and thus contributing to them being sustainable once used.



Let’s not forget: quality and sustainability must go hand in hand! Let’s contribute so that our future generations continue to enjoy a good walk surrounded by nature and in good company, just as we are doing today.


Natural Dingonatura! Sustainable Dingonatura!