• Dogs: Omnivores or carnivores?22 03 2018

    Dogs: Omnivores or carnivores?

    The debate about whether dogs are omnivores or non-strict carnivores (unlike cats, which are strict) is still valid. In the world of dog feeding, opinions are varied, and it is easy to find evidence to support one or another position when consulting the internet.

  • Food labeling02 02 2018

    Food labeling

    The quality of a product is not determined by its labeling or its price.

  • Body Condition01 02 2018

    Body Condition

    The body condition (BC) is an index that evaluates the amount of fat that our dog or cat has.

  • Growth curve01 02 2018

    Growth curve

    According to the breed, adult dogs have a weight variation that can oscillate greatly, thus finding dogs as small as a Chihuahua, or as large as a Spanish Mastiff.

  • How to compare recipes with different moisture? 31 01 2018

    How to compare recipes with different moisture?

    When assessing the levels of a given nutrient of two products, before deciding between one or the other, always look at the percentage of moisture in the labeling.

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