• 30 04 2021

    Dingonatura reveals its sustainability priorities

    The natural food company maintains its commitment to neutralise the environmental footprint of its operations, as well as increasing the positive impact of its products.

  • 27 05 2019

    Certified by PETA

    Dingonatura is proud to be one of the few pet food companies in Spain which has been certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the largest non-profit animal rights organisation in the world, with over 6.5 million members and supporters.

  • 11 05 2018

    Natural Dingonatura! Sustainable Dingonatura!

    Protecting our planet by creating 100% sustainable solutions in all our decisions, has long-term benefits for us and our pets.

  • 26 04 2018

    Skin Care

    The good weather begins, time of long walks, outdoor games, races and excursions, which allow us to enjoy our dog even more.

  • 12 04 2018

    Cats will also enjoy our food!

    Dingonatura was born with the purpose of improving our pets’ health and well-being through their diet. We are experts in the nutritional needs of dogs, being pioneers in the natural concept of feeding, although we were also concerned about cats, animals as enigmatic as they are demanding. It was a big challenge, but we put all hands on deck to offer our best recipes, just like we do with dogs.

  • 18 01 2018

    A dog, a happy child

    Dingonatura has started the year with the project “A dog, a happy child,” a beautiful initiative seeking to help the children of the Ana Carolina Díez Mahou Foundation, who suffer from neuromuscular and mitochondrial diseases, pathologies considered to be rare conditions, that affect children from a very early age, causing functional disabilities and developmental disorders.

  • 23 11 2017


    Dingonatura supports different social projects to achieve funding for collectives in need.

  • 17 10 2017

    Dingo is Renewed and Reinforced

    Keeping up with the constant innovation characterizing our brand, Dingo has renewed the image of its packaging, which is now more attractive and have more accurate information about the characteristics of each product. Moreover, the appearance is more natural and sustainable, as is appropriate given the brand’s values.

  • 26 09 2017

    Four-Legged Heroes

    Dogs are useful to society, there is no doubt about that, but one of the best examples illustrating the great role they fulfill is rescue operations during disasters.

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